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Jewellery Care & Fit

Jewellery Care

A little bit of love and care goes along way in keeping your jewellery looking great.

We recommend removing your jewellery before showering, swimming or any other contact with water. Store your jewellery in a place away from steam and moisture, we know it might be tempting to leave your jewellery lying around the bathroom but not doing so will keep your pieces looking better for longer. 

For those extra special pieces consider keeping these in a fabric pouch to avoid  scratches and unnecessary tarnishing. 

How to clean your jewellery depends on the type of materials, we recommend not using any harsh chemicals or polishes both for your health and the environment.


You can avoid tarnish and oxidation to your silver jewellery by wearing your pieces often. The oils in your skin will “clean” the silver and keep it looking shiny.

Silver naturally oxidises over time and can start to look a little dull. If you notice your silver jewellery needs brightening up here is an eco friendly and easy way to do this is; Mix a small amount of baking soda with vinegar to create a paste then gently rub on your jewellery with a cloth or small soft brush, rinse with lukewarm water and dry. 

For very tarnished silver jewellery, soak in a little vinegar for 10 minutes then remove, rinse and dry.  

Make sure when cleaning your silver jewellery with either of these methods you avoid contact with stones and gems.  If you're jewellery still looks dull after cleaning you could consider contacting a local jeweller to have your jewellery re-plated or professionally cleaned.

Gold jewellery can be cleaned with a mild detergent and water, rub gently with a cloth, rinse and dry. 

All jewellery can be cleaned daily after wear with a polishing cloth or a clean microfibre cloth. 


To measure your ring size via the circumference wrap a piece of thread or a strip of paper around your finger, making sure you measure below but close to the knuckle. Mark the point the paper or thread meet then measure the distance, this measurement will be your circumference.

You can also measure an existing ring that's fits your desired finger, measure across the ring to find the diameter.

Match either of the two in the chart below to find the ring size in the desired variant.

If you would like to purchase a ring in an alternative size than currently available, please e-mail us at info@anthena-store.com or on +33 6 404 22 100 to request this.


Circumference (MM) Diameter       (MM) EUROPE UK USA
47 14,7 47 H 4
48 15,2 48 I 4,5
49 15,5 49 J 5,
50 15,9 50 K 5,5
51 16,3 51 L 6
53 16,6 52 M 6.5
54 17,2 54 N 7
55 17,5 55 O 7.5
57 17,8 56 P 8
58 18,3 58 Q 8,5
59 18,6 59 R 9
61 19,1 60 S 9.5
62 19,5 62 T 10
63 19,9 63 U 10,5
64 20,3 64 V 11
65 20,7 65 W 11,5
66 21,2 66 X 12
67 21,5 68 Y 12,5
68 21,9 69 Z 13